Saturday, October 22, 2016

Planning on Disrupting the Market? 3 Things You Must Avoid

Disruptors have the potential to make it big in the market. They go after the market goliath and make a killing. However, it is not such a simple thing if not well planned. Are you planning to be a disruptor? Here are three things that you must stay away from.

Do not let them know you want to disrupt them
In most, if not all of the cases, you will be going against the big fellows in the industry. They have the financial muscle and market to play around with. Your best strategy is to avoid head-on competition with them. Do not expose yourself to them as they will become interested in what you do and how it affects them. Build your empire silently so that you have the time to do what you want without spending so much effort on defending your territory. Remember the big kahunas are great at buying off great ideas in the market. Your business should not be one of their possible targets.

Do not respond to their maneuvers
If you light up emotional fires in the industry, you are likely to cause the bigger fish in the industry to come out firing and mess with you as they furnish their ego. They may actually crash you. Even if they will not crush you, they are likely to hurt you as well as your great ideas. Try to keep temperatures low in the industry so that the bigger businesses act rationally. Most disruptors are tempted to respond to every move by the competitor. They forget that in doing so only distracts them from their mission. This also exposes the good ideas to copycats and alternatives.

Use a critically inferior product
Your product should be inferior in some way or the other that is critical to the product features of the competing product. The large competitor will ignore you if your product does not touch on the core customer base. In fact disrupting is offering a product that is the best alternative to what the business is offering. Do not try to create a better product than the competition in all the attributes. This is simply copying the competition and not actually disrupting them. Disruption is all about fresh ideas and alternative thinking. Play your cards well so that the product you make becomes a simpler faster or better way to satisfy the needs of your client without necessarily looking similar to the competing products.

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