Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to Lower Average Call Handling Time

Call center agents should always look for ways to striking a balance between delivering excellent customer service and ensuring they do not waste too much time on a single client. When an agent spends too much time with a single client, it becomes expensive for both the business and the client.

Here are some practices can help reduce average handling time.

Have all the relevant information at the start of the call
The agents should collect all the necessary information at the start of the call with the client. The business should invest in customer service software or operate with a cloud based call center that connects the agents to other sources of business information and the CRM database. This prevents the customer from wasting time by asking clients they’ve answered with your business before.

The customer care representatives should have deep knowledge of the company business model, products and services, and any promotional offers. They should also know the possible problems with the products and what solutions should be applied if they are to arise. Agents should be able to use CRM, and any other customer service software with incredible ease, which helps them give accurate answers to the clients.

Share relevant customer information with the team
Sometimes it is necessary for the customer call to be transferred from one team member to the other in order for a satisfactory solution to be communicated to the client. In this scenario, the second agent should have all the customer information that is necessary for him or her to give a quality answer. This prevents him or her from asking similar questions as the ones asked earlier. This not only wastes time but also lowers the customer experience.

Allow agents to learn from each other
To improve the efficiency of the agents with high call handling time, allow them to listen to the call recordings of those with low call handling time. This provides constructive feedback that is positive to the agents who have not caught up with others.

Identify the pauses
It is important to know what happens during the pauses. This could be that the agent is struggling to get information that is necessary to serve the customer or the call switching is taking up too much time. There may be other technical issues that are slowing the agent such as changing the software or breaks in the call connection. Handle each problem as it arises and maintain communication with agents to assure they are up-to-date.

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