Monday, October 3, 2016

Apple and Deloitte Partner Up

Deloitte and Apple recently announced a strategic partnership which will see the two companies reap the benefits of each other’s strengths going forward. Apple is a leading tech company with innovative devices being used by professionals world over. Deloitte is the 4th largest professional services provider in the world with an army of 244,000 professionals. In an interview, Mike Brinker, the Global Digital Leader for Deloitte Digital, explained the wisdom behind this partnership and its strategic goals.

Brinker said that since the establishment of Deloitte’s mobile agency in 2010, they have helped 10,000 clients better serve their customers using mobile technology with a cumulative 1 billion Apple devices involved. The potential of iOS in transforming business processes makes Apple a natural partner for Deloitte, whose customers are interested in streamlining business operations. Deloitte is already using 100,000 Apple devices with 75 custom apps for its own staff.

Apple, on the other hand, has been leading in hardware innovation but lagging behind in enterprise solutions. There are no Apple servers or professional enterprise solution, and they are also lagging behind in cloud solutions. The partnership with Deloitte promises deeper market penetration with Deloitte as an entry point for Apple devices.

This partnership involved training of 5,000 Deloitte professionals by Apple on its products’ usage. These consultants will help craft solutions for customer businesses using Apple devices and iOS. The consultants are also tasked with overseeing the digital transformation of their customers’ workforce.

Brinker said that digital transformation involves having the workforce improve their productivity using everyday digital devices. Many people are on their devices first in the morning and right before going to bed. However, the digital element is largely lacking in the workplace. Digital transformation involves the integration of digital lifestyles with workplace productivity. The two companies have come up with a platform called Enterprise Next that will:

  • Create value maps for Deloitte customers that will help identify the best areas for deploying Apple devices, align mobile opportunities and look at digital resources.
  • Create workshops where iOS can use established prototypes to make custom built solutions for Deloitte customers
  • Have iOS architects, designers, and engineers housed in Deloitte offices worldwide where they can be deployed to make iOS native apps that will integrate into Deloitte’s enterprise solutions in CRM, HR, and analytics.

Brinker said that the world is at a great turn just as it was in 2002 when the internet grew rapidly. Digital transformation where the line between the workplace and lifestyle becomes blurred is the next frontier.

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