Friday, October 14, 2016

A Third of Time Online Spent on Social Media

According to a global report, social media takes up more than a quarter of the total time spent online. According to the report, most people have up to five social media accounts and spend more than one hour per day on these accounts. Typically, one in every three minutes an individual is online is spent on a social media site.

Facebook is the site estimated to have the most active users daily and report shows that a massive amount of the world’s population has Facebook accounts. A large percentage of people worldwide continually check their Facebook, Twitter, and other various social media accounts for updates and messages throughout the day.

The introduction of social media apps for mobile phones has also contributed to people spending more time on these sites. This is mostly common among the young people who have their phones in their hand a majority of the time. The time spent online has also overtaken the time that is spent watching TV. Many people are spending more time socializing online than watching TV. Studies show they would rather browse through their social media pages and connect with friends on Facebook or Twitter rather than watch television. Others who do watch TV will keep pausing what they’re watching to check their social pages.

Social media usage has grown significantly over the years as these sites have continued to grasp ahold of the population. Marketers have taken advantage of the wide usage of social sites to advertise their products and keep in touch with their customers. Many companies have taken their business to social sites, and this has become a key marketing channel in the world today. Companies are even hiring social media experts to run campaigns and promotions for them on these sites and many have been successful in getting new customers and reconnecting with old ones, all thanks to social media. Especially now knowing that roughly a third of time spent online is spent on social media, businesses can now realize the importance of marketing, advertising, and having a presence for customers on social media. As it becomes more integral in their customers' daily lives they must follow suit. 

People, however, are advised to watch their usage as excessive usage has the potential to lead to an addiction, and this may negatively affect their lives. Cases of reckless driving, walking into obstacles, and other accidents have been reported as a result of using social media inappropriately while engaged in other activities. For the young ones, it could be a big cause of antisocial behavior.

However, social media has so many advantages and can be a benefit if used appropriately. The sites are good channels, to chat, stay entertained, and even get goods and services. If you are a business owner, you can take advantage of that opportunity to grow your business. Just don’t spend too much time on it!

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