Friday, October 21, 2016

5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Your Business

Instagram, a popular photo-sharing mobile app, has around 80 million users and it’s still growing. Purchased by Facebook in 2012, Instagram is a great platform for businesses to earn more visibility and engage with the larger Instagram community to drive sales. Most business owners do not know how to market on Instagram. Here are some great ideas.

Let your customers see your products
People love to browse the products, especially their photos. Give your customers this opportunity by displaying high-resolution images of the products that you sell. You can engage your followers to explain how to use the product or benefits they find in the product. For service-oriented businesses, they can display some of the equipment they use for service delivery.

Show the process of making the product
Customers are always curious about where the products come from. Use Instagram to show your customers where and how their favorite products come to fruition. You can take shots of items in various stages of production and make posts that follow the products as they are being manufactured. It is an indirect way of selling the actual products by satisfying the curiosity of the customers.

Give the customers a view of behind the scenes
Are you planning to launch a new product or host an end of the year party? Are you shooting a commercial or a media briefing? Your clients love the juicy behind the scene news. Take snapshots of the preparation especially those goofy moments. Such stories get a lot of shares from people and help push the brand visibility.

Show the products in action
Can your product do more than one thing? Use Instagram to show the customers some new and novel ways to use the products. Use this opportunity to invite the users to show other ways they use your product. Post the best ones on Instagram. You could also reward the best product use innovators.

Take your Instagram followers with you
Are you having an event or a trade-show? Use Instagram to take your Instagram followers with you wherever you are going. Followers love being part of your business life, especially details that you do not give to the mainstream media. Invite your followers where possible. If you are doing a charitable event, invite them to play a part by sponsorship or support. As you engage your followers more, you keep the name of your brand in their minds. Therefore you are likely to be considered when they have a need.

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