Thursday, September 8, 2016

Spotify, Apple, and the Future of Exclusive Music

Music has been a part of the human life for decades and most people cannot simply do without listening to it. The days are long gone when you have to drive to the nearest store just to buy your favourite music album, which you sometimes have to return if it doesn’t play properly on your music player. The innovation in Information Technology has made it possible to buy virtually anything online and musicians have never had more options for distributing their songs to fans once the album is ready, from music libraries like iTunes to streaming services such as Pandora. With Spotify offering free music on the Internet, Apple’s iTunes is gradually losing users since most iTunes songs are not free.

It is obvious that over the past decade we have seen music streaming services in the industry rise tremendously, with new players coming up. The idea of music streaming services is to bring you millions of songs, of all types of genres, and you will find that you never lack something to listen to. In the past when music streaming was not very common, you had to pay a fixed price for a single song on iTunes and then upload it to your device. It is clear that streaming services are taking over in today's age with iTunes even developing its own. Regardless of whether it’s movies or music, streaming online comes with much more convenience, and more music lovers are turning to it as the best option.

Spotify has millions of free songs for streaming from most major music labels, and the company’s compensation plan has been endorsed by many music studios, hence the popularity it is enjoying around the world today. Spotify offers more flexibility by allowing users to share their songs and playlists with friends and also create social playlists in which users work on collaborative playlists. You can pretty much say it’s a social media platform for songs.

The two companies that have been in the news lately are Spotify and Apple, with some allegations that Spotify is retaliating against artists who produce new songs and release them exclusively to Apple Music. A recent report by Bloomberg says people alleged that artists who have given Apple some form of exclusive access to new music were told they wouldn’t get their tracks on featured Spotify playlists, as soon as the tracks become available on the service. The allegations further claim that the artists involved found their songs buried in Spotify’s search ranking. However, when asked about the allegations, Spotify says it doesn’t modify search rankings in any way.

The alleged rivalry between the two music streaming companies has been around for a while now, although Spotify has denied doing such to any artist, a good number of people are yet to be convinced that the company is completely telling the truth about the allegations. This provides an interesting look into what could be the future of exclusively-released music. What do you think this means for the future of music?

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