Monday, August 8, 2016

Achieve Your Goals

The bed feels cold and as you open your eyes you take a moment to try and figure out where you are. Just last night you were sitting around the dinner table with your family enjoying a hot meal made by the love of your life. You spent 4 extra hours in the office trying to stay on top of the mounds of paperwork, and you kept thinking to yourself that you could not, for the life of you, understand how you have managed to keep your job until now. On the left side of your desk, you left an application for your dream job- completely blank. You plan every day about getting out of your 9-5 and pursuing your passion, but it has always felt so uncertain that you keep procrastinating. The TV was on in the background and you felt frustrated that the dog was scratching at the back door. You keep thinking about that application and a sinking feeling forms in the pit of your stomach. After dinner, your significant other cleared the table and asked you to take the dog for a walk. Everything after that is fuzzy.

Your eyes take a moment to adjust to the bright light coming in through the window and you blink a couple of time to try and help the fuzziness disappear. Once your eyes clear, you see some faces come into focus that you had not noticed upon first glance. All of your loved ones are scattered throughout the room. A couple of them are asleep and one is answering work emails in the corner. How long have they been there? It is then that you notice that someone is holding your hand. You look up and see the love of your life with tear soaked, tired eyes sitting in a chair next to you as you lay in the bed. A hospital bed. Your eyes lock on one another but before you can speak the doctor comes in the door to give an update. Everybody in the room listens attentively. 

“I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you have 3 broken ribs, a sprained ankle, and some severe bruising from the accident- all expected to heal completely. Unfortunately, that leaves the bad news: there was some pretty severe damage to your lower spine, and while we are confident that in time you will be able to sit up on your own… we are not confident that you will ever walk again. I am so sorry. There is one option, however. We can perform an extremely risky surgery that will give you a 20% chance of recovery. I will give you some time to talk this over with your family.”

Now stop and think for a moment- with that in mind do you instantly feel regret for not pursuing your goals? Do you feel confident that you have given 100% to living the life you have dreamed of? What if you never get another chance? The reality is that none of us are promised tomorrow and something like this can happen to any one of us at any time. So, ask yourself… is procrastinating on your goals really worth it? If you had to live forever knowing you could never achieve your passion, could you find peace with that? If you are not already living your dream, what are you waiting for? This life gives us one shot. Make it count! 

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