Monday, July 18, 2016

Maintaining a Creative Office Environment

Creativity is not something that is inherent in just anybody. Though it is a skill that comes naturally, it is also one that must be fostered through appropriate means. People who are creative cannot display their talents quite as easily as those who are adept at math, for example. Mathematicians can prove their expertise via a problem that has a provable solution. Creative types do not have that particular luxury, so the need for an environment to stoke artistic flames is necessary. Thankfully, there are ways in which offices that are in the creative business can maintain an atmosphere suitable to getting the best results.
Office Design
Environment, at a very basic level, starts with your surroundings, and that includes the way your offices are set up. Atmosphere matters in places like restaurants, right? The same thing applies to work spaces. A lifeless color scheme and rows of fluorescent ceiling lights do not scream creative inspiration. A sense that the office is a unique and interesting space to come to will make it seem less like an office and more like a place that allows creativity to flourish.
Collaboration and Trust
In order to get the most creative ideas possible, two essential elements must come be present. The first is trust, because unless employees believe that their ideas will be taken seriously, there is no way for them to truly have that “ah-ha” moment. In step with that is collaboration, which is necessary because creativity often happens when ideas are fed off of one another. This could go in tandem with office design, as long as the workspace’s flow is set up in the right manner.
Encourage Taking a Risk
Many truly creative people feel the most comfortable when they are not only engaged with other creative types, but also when they know they do not have absolute boundaries when it comes to taking a risk. To be clear, taking a risk does not mean throwing offensive ideas around each and every day; it means going against the grain of what may be widely accepted, popular at the time, or considered the norm. Finding new and different ways to accomplish a goal is something creative people strive for.
Positivity, Fun, and Humor
When it comes to attitude in a creative environment, there is no substitute for displaying positivity, laughing, and having fun. Does this mean the office is a playpen eight hours a day? Of course not, but it will likely mean that most people are at ease with one another, which will spark creativity and have employees wanting to be around one another. In contrast, a serious tone in which there is an attitude of “get the job done or else” will only apply pressure and suppress creative ideas.

A creative workspace design has a very positive effect on the productivity. A creative office environment can truly help solve problems and effectively create ideas and a lot of that has to do with being collaborative. 

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