Sunday, April 10, 2016

How Voice Broadcasting Has Changed the World

Usually when people think of voice broadcasting they immediately think of those phone calls that start off with:

“Hello, (insert your name here), you have just won our prize drawing for a free cruise! Please press 1 to be connected to one of our prize and commissions consultants...”

When you get these calls I'm willing to bet $1000 you didn’t win a cruise. This is a tactic to get your information and create a lead to sell to another company.

Voice broadcasting is not just being used to spam you.

Many industries across the spectrum have turned to voice broadcasting to handle a variety of tasks from scheduling preventative dental work, to reminding you to pay your light bill, to schools that use it to dial all of the parents of students to leave special announcements on their voice mails. Voice broadcasting is an essential part not only to our way of life, but the way we do business. Just think 20 years ago, the schools had to have people on staff whose sole purpose was to dial parents’ phone numbers to give them news and information about PTA meetings, or even upcoming Boy Scout meetings on the premises. That is a lot of payroll for a repetitive job that no human should have to endure. Even campaigns and elections gain popularity through the use of voice broadcasting.

Do you have people on the phone too much throughout the day dialing, dialing, and dialing some more?

This is where I think there is so much room for growth in the voice broadcasting and predictive dialing industry. Due to the automation you have all of your secretaries/support agents/sales agents spending more time talking to customers, instead of dialing repeatedly and hoping one of them answers. That’s the kind of thing that makes people hate their job. Even though this could drastically increase your sales with a sales agent team, this could also help if you had announcements that had to be made to all of your clients; you could use voice broadcasting instead of spending all night making phone calls. After all, we should all work smarter and not harder. Not everything should be automatic, but it sure helps take care of the stuff that CAN be automated.

No on-site equipment required! This isn’t 1998 anymore.

The biggest misconception about getting something like voice broadcasting or a predictive dialing campaign going is that it costs serious bucks. This is simply no longer the case. Thanks to cloud computing and huge innovations in CPU auto-scaling and virtualization, companies are now allowing you to have everything on the cloud, and it's even integrated with a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), so that while you are on the phone and online with the customer you can leave notes and remove them off the lists temporarily.

Something else worth noting is that if you have an existing CRM you are using to manage your business contacts, this will integrate with all of them out of the box and, because its cloud based, there is no box. Everything is online; you just need a browser, and you can even manage your team from Costa Rica if you wanted.

If you are a small business I recommend you check out a cloud based solution like They are a great company and have a great free trial right now. In my opinion they are a serious game changer, compared to their competitors.

Let me know what you think about predictive dialing, and voice broadcasting in the comments. Do you think it's a scourge of humanity like spam? Or do you think it's an essential driving force to your business? Leave your success stories here, I am sure we would all love the motivation!

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