Friday, March 4, 2016

Resume Do's and Don'ts

Resume Do's and Don'ts

When crafting your resume take a moment to consider your audience. Is this resume going to be for coding, the food industry, or for another specialized field? We’ve all had our series of odd jobs and over time we acquire skills here and there that may not apply to certain jobs but fit perfectly with others. Always hand-tailor your resume for whom you’re presenting it to. If their job posting mentions that they want someone that knows how you use InDesign and you have experience with that particular program, you better make sure you add that to your resume!

The Do’s and Don’ts:

· Do keep your sentences short and to the point.

· Don’t put your oldest job first.

· Do add numbers or other attention-grabbing statistics when available.

· Don’t let it go over two pages.

· Do avoid irregular fonts (Times New Roman will work just fine).

· Don’t clump the entire thing together. It’s more than encouraged to have sections.

· Do include any honors or awards, but avoid things that align you with any political or religious affiliation.

· Do keep your language formal.

· Don’t add any unnecessary decorations.

If all else fails sometimes going the professional route is the best option and you can find writers who will spruce up your resume for a couple of bucks.