Monday, February 29, 2016

Job Searching in 2016

Before the internet boom, applying for a job was relatively straight forward: you walked into the building and asked if they were hiring, or you spent most of your day highlighting ads in the newspaper. That isn’t to say getting a job was easier per se, but it wasn’t quite so complicated to even get your foot in the door. Nowadays job seekers are getting extremely competitive and creative.

What do you need?

An Excellent Resume
You may have climbed Mt. Everest but nobody will ever know unless you put it on your resume.

Not only are potential employers looking at your qualifications, but they’re also getting an insight into your personality with what words you chose to describe yourself or to determine how professional you really are.

People have begun to recognize the importance of a strong resume and gone as far as to pay others to write their resumes. While that does sound like a good splurge, you don’t really have to go that. There are several websites that offer you help with crafting the perfect resume.

A Website

If you do anything that you can visually show, there’s no reason not to go ahead and showcase it! Graphic designers, writers, and artists are starting to realize the importance of having an up to date website. Keeping it current and relevant is an absolute must.


This website has experienced monumental growth in recent years because it connects you to other professionals in your field and even has job seeking options built in. This is networking in the Internet age at it’s finest.

The Rise of Social Media and Your Business

If you’re a business owner you’ve probably felt like you’re being pushed further and further into the social media rabbit hole. Whether or not you agree with the changes that social media is influencing in our society, your business needs to learn how to turn this into an asset if it hopes to survive.

The average consumer isn’t as clueless as they were twenty or thirty years ago. Today’s consumer is savvier; they want to know they’re purchasing something has “value.” If you’ve started researching marketing techniques, you’ll see the word “value” popping up left and right.

With the rise of social media, it’s now become increasingly harder for businesses to hide their poor reviews or performances; people are demanding transparency and quality.

What does this have to do with social media?

Through social media you can create your company’s own personal narrative. You have an opportunity to allow your customer base to understand the driving force behind your company.

Establishing a relationship with your customer allows you to also show them what your company offers in terms of value (that pesky word, again).