Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to Lower Average Call Handling Time

Call center agents should always look for ways to striking a balance between delivering excellent customer service and ensuring they do not waste too much time on a single client. When an agent spends too much time with a single client, it becomes expensive for both the business and the client.

Here are some practices can help reduce average handling time.

Have all the relevant information at the start of the call
The agents should collect all the necessary information at the start of the call with the client. The business should invest in customer service software or operate with a cloud based call center that connects the agents to other sources of business information and the CRM database. This prevents the customer from wasting time by asking clients they’ve answered with your business before.

The customer care representatives should have deep knowledge of the company business model, products and services, and any promotional offers. They should also know the possible problems with the products and what solutions should be applied if they are to arise. Agents should be able to use CRM, and any other customer service software with incredible ease, which helps them give accurate answers to the clients.

Share relevant customer information with the team
Sometimes it is necessary for the customer call to be transferred from one team member to the other in order for a satisfactory solution to be communicated to the client. In this scenario, the second agent should have all the customer information that is necessary for him or her to give a quality answer. This prevents him or her from asking similar questions as the ones asked earlier. This not only wastes time but also lowers the customer experience.

Allow agents to learn from each other
To improve the efficiency of the agents with high call handling time, allow them to listen to the call recordings of those with low call handling time. This provides constructive feedback that is positive to the agents who have not caught up with others.

Identify the pauses
It is important to know what happens during the pauses. This could be that the agent is struggling to get information that is necessary to serve the customer or the call switching is taking up too much time. There may be other technical issues that are slowing the agent such as changing the software or breaks in the call connection. Handle each problem as it arises and maintain communication with agents to assure they are up-to-date.

4 Best Practices for Call Quality Monitoring

Most companies are thinking of social media and messaging services when looking at customer experience, but they often overlook the voice channel. The voice channel remains the most trusted channel when it comes to solving complex customer needs. Older customers also prefer the channel to other methods. With call quality monitoring, the customers are assured of great experiences in line with other channels. Try the best practices below to monitor the call quality effectively at the contact center.

Invest in call recording tools to aids in call analysis
It is important to have outbound and inbound call recorded for the proper analysis. Invest in call center software that has call recording capabilities. This kind of software enables you to monitor the call quality performance and assess the performance of your agents. Try to analyze a few calls one after the other rather than sampling calls at random.

Define what makes an ideal call
Your team of contact center agents should know what makes an ideal service call. After carrying out the analysis described above, list the main strengths and weaknesses of your team. Look at practices that can be amplified and those that should be changed in order to achieve the ideal call.

You may need to revise the call script, look at the tone of the agent conversations, or even add more languages to your contact center service. You should also consider better CRM software, such as that of a cloud based call center, to enable seamless integration of the contact center with the customer information and the company resources. Sometimes the agents would need additional agent training to get them on par with the new requirements.

Ask for agent feedback
Think of your agents in the quality call delivery process. Seek their insight on how to improve the voice practices. Include them in the script revisions, simplification of the technical language and the trial process for the new software. Do not shy away from asking what should be done to improve their skills at the call center.

Reward the agents for good work
Rewards are great motivators and help encourage workers to improve their performance. Design an evaluation process to rate the skills and quality of performance for your agents. You should also empower agents to self-evaluate their performance and make the necessary improvements. Brilliant contact center agents should be recognized and rewarded accordingly. The reward should be enough to encourage others to put in the effort to achieve the same success.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Planning on Disrupting the Market? 3 Things You Must Avoid

Disruptors have the potential to make it big in the market. They go after the market goliath and make a killing. However, it is not such a simple thing if not well planned. Are you planning to be a disruptor? Here are three things that you must stay away from.

Do not let them know you want to disrupt them
In most, if not all of the cases, you will be going against the big fellows in the industry. They have the financial muscle and market to play around with. Your best strategy is to avoid head-on competition with them. Do not expose yourself to them as they will become interested in what you do and how it affects them. Build your empire silently so that you have the time to do what you want without spending so much effort on defending your territory. Remember the big kahunas are great at buying off great ideas in the market. Your business should not be one of their possible targets.

Do not respond to their maneuvers
If you light up emotional fires in the industry, you are likely to cause the bigger fish in the industry to come out firing and mess with you as they furnish their ego. They may actually crash you. Even if they will not crush you, they are likely to hurt you as well as your great ideas. Try to keep temperatures low in the industry so that the bigger businesses act rationally. Most disruptors are tempted to respond to every move by the competitor. They forget that in doing so only distracts them from their mission. This also exposes the good ideas to copycats and alternatives.

Use a critically inferior product
Your product should be inferior in some way or the other that is critical to the product features of the competing product. The large competitor will ignore you if your product does not touch on the core customer base. In fact disrupting is offering a product that is the best alternative to what the business is offering. Do not try to create a better product than the competition in all the attributes. This is simply copying the competition and not actually disrupting them. Disruption is all about fresh ideas and alternative thinking. Play your cards well so that the product you make becomes a simpler faster or better way to satisfy the needs of your client without necessarily looking similar to the competing products.